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Questioning Common Parenting Practices


Sometimes we do things because we've been taught to do things a certain way by people we trust. Because of this rapport the person had with us, we skipped the typical logic and questioning we normally run new information or skills through and fast-forwarded it right into mindless practice.

Why “Identity-Based Habits” Don’t Work


Wow, I'm just pissed. I keep seeing articles like this lately about behavior change. It's no wonder such a small percentage of people are successful changing things in their lives. We keep listening to people like this guy. He actually gets paid to tell people this stuff.

Write Your Own Quotes


One thing that really makes me shake my head are all these “words-to-live-by” type quotes I see all over. You know, the “Strength is the product of struggle….” Or, “Do things with passion, or not at all.” I especially like the ones that tell you what you should do/feel/think/be. Like, “Keep trying. Keep believing. Be […]

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5 Fat Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes

Are you making these fat loss mistakes?

The biggest mistake you can make? Paying someone else to tell you what you should be doing. That's really all you need to know. Well, that's not ALL you need to know.